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Starting Seeds In Flats
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Starting Vegetable Seeds In Flats Is Just One Of Many Method Available

Starting Seeds in Flats

Starting seeds in flats and trays is a little extra work than sowing directly into seed cells or individual pots.

The main reason for the extra step in this process and starting seeds in this fashion is to limit the amount of space initially required for germinating seeds.

A lot of seedling can be started in a very small space using this method. It also gives the gardener the opportunity early on in the seedlings life to select the strongest and most vigorous seedling to carry through to transplanting.

The size of flat or tray used will depend on the number of seedling required. For the average home gardener it is more sensible to sow small amounts of seed on a regular basis throughout the season.

Photo of growing-bush-beans-double-row

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This can be done by either sowing seed in several small trays, each of a different vegetable.

Photo of starting-seeds-flats-multirows

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or by sowing several different vegetables in a larger flat with multiple rows.


Starting Seeds in Pellets

Start Over

helpful items

  • Seeds
  • Potting table or bench
  • Large container
  • Seed raising mix
  • Vermiculite or perlite
  • Garden sieve
  • Seed flats and trays
  • Dibble stick or similar
  • Plant tag and permanent marker
  • Method of watering

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