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Sheep Manure supplies high quality
organic matter to your garden

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Sheep Manure Excellent Soil Amendment And Garden Fertilizer

Sheep Manure Fertilizer

Typical N.P.K. analysis 0.7 - 0.3 - 0.8

Sheep and goats, similar to rabbits, produce pelleted droppings that are dry, easy to handle and virtually odorless.

This manure is referred to as cold manure because of its low nitrogen content, so if you are looking for a high nitrogen fertilizer for your garden try  Guano Fertilizer, Feather Meal, or Blood Meal Fertilizer.

The main advantage of sheep and goat manure is high quality organic matter it supplies, helping to feed the diverse community of beneficial soil organisms which are essential for healthy soil and plant growth.

As with most other animal manures the nutrient content depends on the usual factors, age and storage of manure, the diet fed to the animal, and the litter materials, if any, that is used.

manure collection

There are two distinct situation of manure collection that give rise to different forms of manure. Both have their advantages and provide excellent nutrients and organic matter for the garden.

bedding manure

The first is manure from animals kept mostly in a barn situation and living on bedding of straw or sawdust.

Photo of sheep manure bedding manure

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The sheep and goat manure that contains bedding material has the advantage of the urine also being absorbed by the bedding and adding extra nutrients, however the amount of actual manure present is unknown.

pure manure

The second is that gathered from animals that are brought into housing for shearing and other purposes.

During this period the sheep are kept on wooden slated or metal grating floor, the manure falls through the grating where it stays until collected. This manure is free from bedding material and consists of manure only.

Photo of sheep manure pure manure

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Where as, the manure from sheep and goat collected from the animals on grating floor will provide more actual manure.

Applying Sheep and goat Manure

vegetable garden

Apply manure to the garden in the fall and work it into the soil. 15-20 lbs per 100 square feet is a good guide but by no means a set figure.

Liquid sheep and goat manure can be applied to plants at any time.

Composting Sheep Manure

Because it is a cold manure,unless it is extremely fresh, it is not necessary to compost sheep or goat manure before using on the garden.

Adding animal manures to your compost bin is always a good thing and sheep and goat manure is no exception, giving the finished product a more rounded nutrient balance.

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