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Indoor Seed Planting Guide

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Seed Planting Guide

Seed Planting Guide

Calculating Dates

The last spring frost in your area is a good reference point when planning your garden. This is often referred to as the frost free date (FFD).

This date is the reference point used in this planting guide.

To find the last average frost free date (FFD) for your area follow this link.

Indoor Seed Starting Cheat Sheet

The page below is a pre made cheat sheet for finding the indoor seed sowing dates with most of the working out done for you. The vegetable are in order, starting with those with the longest seed to transplant time, and the first to sow, to the shortest.

Click this link for a Printer Friendly Version that includes four 30 day calendars to help calculate and record the dates to start seeds.

Indoor Seed Starting Cheat Sheet
Frost Date
Vegetable Plant Type Days Vegetable Plant Type Days
Brussel SproutsC63Tomatoes W32
CabbageC63Eggplant W31
Collard C59ArugulaC 28
Kale C59Potatoes C28
Swiss Chard C59Spinach NZW22
Kohlrabi C56Okra W17
RadicchioC56Sweet PotatoW17
Cabbage ChineseC53Pumpkin W15
Celeriac C53Squash WinterW15
Celery C53Cucumber W7
Broccoli C52Melons W7
Cauliflower C52Squash SummerW7
Endive C48

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