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Using Seed Cells For
Starting Seeds - Slideshow

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Sowing Seeds In Commercial Cells

Starting Seed Cells and Pots

The main advantage in sowing seeds directly into cells or pots, rather than in flats or trays, is the elimination of one time consuming step in the process, pricking out.

The down side needs to be considered if lack of space is going to be a problem . A lot more space is needed with this method and if growing under lights this will also mean more equipment in the early stages.

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This slideshow has been made using commercial  inserts to sow the seeds. While these are excellent for the job they are not essential for successful seed raising.

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There are many different types of both commercial and homemade containers that can be bought or found around the home that will work just as well. Root trainers are another great commercial product. Others are recycled Styrofoam cups,  Yogurt containers or even the humble used toilet roll are just a few that work well.

Before You Start

It is important to be sure the seed raising mix is moist before you sow seeds. If it is too dry the mix will float when watered, dislodging the seeds.

If re-using equipment make sure they have been sterilized. This can be done by rinsing cells, pots and trays in a solution of 1% bleach.

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Sift the seed raising mix to remove any lumps.


Starting Seeds In Cells And Pots

Start Over

helpful items

  • Seeds
  • Potting table or bench
  • Large container
  • Seed raising mix
  • Vermiculite or perlite
  • Garden sieve
  • Cells and pots
  • Dibble stick or similar
  • Plant tag and marker
  • Method of watering

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