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Planting Potatoes

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Growing Potatoes For Potato Addicts Everywhere

How to Plant Potatoes

There is a little work to do before you can plant your spuds, follow this link for the details on fertilizing and garden preparation for growing potatoes.

Potatoes are a cool-season vegetable that grows best in soil temperatures ranging from 50 - 70 degree F (10-21 C). Once soil temperature go over 80F (27 C) tuber growth slows considerably leaving the finished crop with fewer and smaller potatoes to harvest.

planting potatoes - When to Plant

When to plant your potato crop will depend a lot on the spring in your area and how quickly it goes from too cold to too hot. Sometimes to get the season long enough to grow good potatoes planting will need to be done earlier with soil temperature below 50 F (10 C). Temperatures around 45 F (7 C) are OK as long as there is no chance of a hard freeze.

Many gardeners avoid growing potatoes because traditionally they are crop that take up a lot of space for the quantity of product produced. There is some truth in that thinking but even gardeners with a small area shouldn’t deny themselves the pleasure of at least a small crop of fresh home-grown spuds. This slideshow is made using a small garden bed and produced enough fresh potatoes to satisfy this potato lovers hankering.

Seed potatoes

A rough guide for the amount of seed potatoes needed for growing potatoes is 8 lb of seed potatoes to a 100ft row (3.6 kg to plant 30 meter row) This will depend a lot on how big your seed potatoes are and whether you cut them or not. Follow this link for more details on Seed Potatoes


Planting Irish Potatoes

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This slide show is made using a small raised bed and adding compost at the time of planting. Although it is very beneficial to growing potatoes the use of compost is not essential as long as the ground has been properly fertilized. A good choice is to use Gardeners All-Purpose 5-5-5 Organic Fertilizer.

For more slideshows follow this link to the Slideshow Library

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