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Using Peat Pellets For
Starting Seeds - Slideshow

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Radicchio Seedlings Growing In Pre-Made Pellets

Starting Seeds in Peat Pellets

Growing seedlings using any of the seed starting pellet types are an excellent way for a novice or someone with limited time and space to raise their own seedlings.

There are several different types of seed starting pellets with most being made of either sphagnum peat moss or coconut coir fiber.

Once your seedlings are growing well and the root system established enough it is recommended that you transplant them to the garden or re-pot them, pellet and all, into larger pots.

The advantages of this system are:

  • Minimum of equipment needed.
  • Very little mess to clean up.
  • Time saving


The cost per seedling raised is usually much higher compared to more conventional methods.

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Using compressed seed starting pellets makes starting your own seeds for raising seedlings indoors very simple and easy.

Photo of peat-pellets-individual

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The following slideshow is made using independently wrapped pellets to retain the soil. These can be easily moved around without disturbing the seedling. This is great if a few seeds don't germinate those pellets can be moved to another tray and re-sown.

Photo of peat-pellets-original-tray

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These can be used in the original tray they came in.

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Or purchased pellets as replacements and used in any tray that will contain them.


Starting Seeds in Pellets

Start Over

helpful items

  • Seeds
  • Work space - Much less space is needed for this system
  • Seed sowing pellets.
  • Dibble stick or whatever.
  • Plant tag and permanent marker.
  • Method of watering.
  • Plastic cover
  • Warmth and light

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