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Organic Liquid Fertilizer
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Organic Liquid Fertilizer Give Quality Growth QuicklyOrganic Liquid Fertilizer Produces Quality Vegetables Quickly

Organic Liquid Fertilizer

Plants absorb nutrients through both their roots and leaves, using liquid fertilizers as foliage feeding or soil drench are good ways to supply fast-growing plants like vegetables plant ready nutrients whenever needed.

There many liquid fertilizers available for the home garden, both commercially prepared and homemade. Most are fast release nutrient sources that can be used anytime throughout the gardening cycle giving the gardener a wide range of different combinations of major nutrients, trace minerals and growth promoting elements.

Applying liquid fertilizers

Unless specifically mentioned on the container most liquid fertilizers are concentrated and need to be mixed or dissolved in water before application.

Because liquid fertilizers supply plants with instant nutrients they are most useful during periods of increased need, like transplanting or when the fruit is setting. Leaf crops do well with a light application weekly or every other week.

They can be applied using a sprayer, watering can, open container or in an irrigation system.

Photo of using a spraying to apply organic liquid fertilizer

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One of the advantages of liquid fertilizers is their use as foliage feeders, however not all liquid fertilizers are suitable for this purpose and should only be used as foliage feed if the instructions on the container indicate to do so.

Photo of using a watering can to apply organic liquid fertilizer

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Apply until the liquid drips off the leaves. Concentrate the spray on leaf undersides, where leaf pores are more likely to be open. It is important to dilute liquid fertilizer to the recommended amount especially when applying to soft, sensitive and young plants to reduce the chance of fertilizer burn.

Photo of using a bucket to apply organic liquid fertilizer

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You can also water in liquid fertilizers around the root zone. A drip irrigation system can carry liquid fertilizers to your plants. The best times to spray are early morning and early evening, when the liquids will be absorbed most quickly and won’t burn foliage. If possible choose a day when no rain is forecast and temperatures are not too extreme.

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Fish fertilizer has been used for raising crops for centuries, whereas once fish emulsions with an exceptionally foul odor were the only product available, today modern processing has refined the product to the point were the foul odor is almost undetectable.

Seaweed fertilizer, can be used fresh from the ocean, dried and ground into meal for solid application or prepared in liquid form for quick acting fertilizer. Any way it is used is undoubtedly an essential addition to the home gardeners fertilizer arsenal.

Compost teas are nutrient rich teas made from a variety of nutrient sources many of which also have disease and pest control properties.

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