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Alfalfa Meal Fertilizer

Bag of alfalfa-meal-fertilizerAlfalfa Meal Is A Ready To Use Fertilizer

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Alfalfa Meal Fertilizer

A typical NPK analysis of  3-1-2

Alfalfa is a perennial flowering legume crop that is grown as cattle feed. It is also one of the best organic fertilizers available to gardeners.

Alfalfa provides many benefits for both plants and soil organisms .  One important benefit is it increases plants tolerance to cold. Alfalfa is high in vitamins, trace minerals, sugars, starches and proteins.

Alfalfa Hay and Meal

Both Alfalfa meal and hay are excellent for the home vegetable garden with a variety of uses.

Alfalfa hay  can be used in teas, mulches, in compost or dug into the soil and left to decompose. Because it decomposes rapidly it can naturally generate a lot of heat in a short time making it a valuable addition to any compost heap.

Bale of alfalfa hayAlfalfa Hay

handful of alfalfa mealAlfalfa Meal

As a garden fertilizer alfalfa meal is used to increase organic matter in the soil and makes an excellent fast and effective soil conditioner. The high amounts of carbohydrates and protein encourage beneficial soil microbes and earthworms that are responsible for quickly breaking down the nutrients and making them available for use by the plants.

Getting the right mixture of composting materials makes a big difference in helping the compost pile to break down quickly and efficiently. One of the best ways to do this, especially if green nitrogen materials are short, is by adding a high nitrogen activator like alfalfa meal.

using alfalfa meal in the compost heapAlfalfa Meal in Compost


While alfalfa meal fertilizer can be applied at any time of the year or stage of plant growth by side dressing or around individual plants, it is best used as part of the fall, or spring, long term fertilizer programe


Broadcast and then dig or till into the garden bed to 4-8 inches (10-20 cm) deep, 4-10 lbs per 100 square feet (2-4.5 kg) per 9.3 sq meters)

Alfalfa Tea

Photo Right -  Alfalfa tea can be made from meal, pellets or hay, it can be used by spraying directly on the plant as a foliar spray or as a liquid fertilizer around the base of all types of vegetable plants. Alfalfa tea can be applied every 1-4 weeks or as often as needed throughout the growing season.

making alfalfa tea in bucketAlfalfa Tea

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