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Growing Cucumbers That
Will Knock Your Socks Off

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Growing Cucumbers So Sweet And Crisp You Will Never Go Without Them Again

Growing Cucumbers

The cucumber is a member of the Cucurbitaceae family along with squash and melons. They are picked and eaten fresh or pickled in their green un-ripened stage.

The leaves of the cucumber plant are large, triangular in shape with pointed lobes and have a slightly rough texture.

Most cucumber plants grow vines that will sprawl endlessly along the ground, or if trellising is provided they will climb using their tendrils to wrap around anything it comes into contact with.

Photo of female cucumber flower

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The plants bear both male and female flowers; the female flowers are the only ones that will bear fruit. They are easily identified by the small swelling behind the petals that the male flowers don’t have, this swelling is the beginnings of the cucumber fruit.

Cucumber varieties are many and varied, with different plant sizes, season lengths, fruit sizes, shapes, colors, and even flavors. You might say a cucumber for every situation.

Photo of growing the long telegraph cucumber type

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The most commonly grown cucumbers are the long green type like in this picture.

Photo of growing lemon cucumbers

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Of the many other types one of the least known and grown is the lemon cucumber, these are delicious picked straight from the vine and eaten like an apple.


Veggie Garden Dairy
Vegetable Cucumber
Also Known As
Botanical Family - Cucurbitaceae, Genus - Cucumis, Species - C. sativus
Plant Type Warm season - annual - fruiting vegetable
Frost Tolerance Very Tender
Planting Position Grow in full sun - Requires at least 8-10 hours of direct sunlight daily.
Seed Viability 5 years
Germination 7-10 days at 70-95 F (21-35 C)
Growing Temp 70-95 F (21-35 C)
Seed to Transplant 3 - 4 weeks
Planting Method Direct sow or Seedling transplants
When to Plant Spring
Time to Plant Wait until at least 2-3 weeks after the last average 32 F (0 C) freeze in your area and not before soil temperature are consistently 70 F (21 C) or above.
Seed Sowing Most common method - 4-5 seeds per hill with hills 3-5 feet (90-150 cm) apart
Plant Spacing Most common method - thin to best 2-3 plants per hill with hills 3-5 feet (90-150 cm) apart
Soil Conditions Well drained - Moderate to high organic matter - Medium fertility
Fertilizer Medium fertilizer needs, 3-4 quarts per 100 sq feet (3.3-4.4 liters per 9.3 square meters) preplanting of All-Purpose 5-5-5 Organic Fertilizer icon, same rate for each side dressing.
When to Fertilize 2 weeks before sowing or transplanting - when transplanting use liquid starter fertilizer - side-dress just as the vines start to run - finally as fruit begin to set.
Days to Harvest 50-70 days - depending on conditions and variety

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